Neuquen City is the capital city of the province of the same name. It is a business city of 300.000 inhabitants with other town sorrounding it as: Plottier, Cipolletti and Centenario.

The city is presented in many travel guides as a modern clean city with good services. Lately is has become a hot cultural spot for the northern Patagonia as a National Museum was built downtown.  But it is also know because of The Valley of the Dinosaurs which is situated 85 km from the city center, specificaly in what is known as Villa El Chocón. A pleasant tourist village in what use to be the housing of the El Chocon Dam workers.

 But the main attraction of Neuquen City is its clean clear water river, just 2 km from downtown. Limay River flows from the Andes until it meets Neuquén River to form the Rio Negro River.

 Neuquén is also the heart of Comahue University and it has hosted several internationa sports events.