Punta Loma is located 17 kms South of Puerto Madryn.

It is the only permanent sea lion colony in the entire Gulfo Neuvo (The other sea lion colonies in the area are seasonal for reproduction and giving birth). Here the visitor is able to view this active colony from an observation platform located on the cliff 50 meters above the beach. During high tide most of the residents leave the beach and feed in the gulf.  The best time to visit Punta Loma is at mid tide and low tide when the sea lions are establishing their areas with loud yelps and confrontations.

The cliff face is also home to nesting cormorants which are able to make their nests in a specific layer of the sedimentary rock.

Punta Loma was the first natural protected area in the Chubut Province and the 1960´s era wildlife rangers shack is still near the cliff.

Tours are available from the many travel agencies in Puerto Madryn. Biking is also an option.

The entrance fee for non Argentine residents is arg$25.