Salta... It is called the beautiful, and there must be a reason, of course...

Salta was founded in 1582 by Hernando de Lerma, and had a flourishing time during the Colonization. The fertile Valleys where it is placed, were the prosperous land  for breeding the mules that had  as final destination the mines in Potosi. The buildings were made in "adobe",  clay non-cooked brick, had embroided gates made in iron in a perfec harmony with the archades and pillars. The Cabildo is one of the oldest buildings in the city and it keeps the features of the original one. The Main Square was the place of meeting during the early times of the city, also the place were people   were executed. Even in the early XX Century it was the place were people used to walk around after the mass. And, for the comment of many old people, the only chance for ladies to meet someone who did not belong tothe family. But in many cases the wedding were "arranged" beforehand by parents and their opinions were not taken into account!

The Church you see nowadays was built in the mid-IXX Century ( 1858-1882) and it is one of the most beautiful buildings and one of the best Cathedrals... I would not dare to say "in the world" but.... nearly. The altar is so bright and it keeps so menay treasures of our HIstory. Salta venerates the Sacred Imageries of the Lord and Virgen of Miracle, but even not been Catholic, it deserves you get in and see it.

Salta have had five Saint Patrons. When it was founded, Hernando de Lerma has chosen San Felipe and SAntiago Apostols as Patrons, but they were changed when the neighbours decide to put him in jail and send him back to Spain. In a votation San Bernard was the pointed as the new Saint Patron, because in those times, all teh cities founded by spanich were destroyed by the indians. And It  happened that when the indians were to attack the city they saw a man dressed in white at the foot of the mountains. A short time later , one of the indians fell down on his knees in front of Saint Bernard when he  recognized him as the man who had saved Salta from that attack.

Up to that moment most of the imageries in Salta were Marys... And Bishop Francisco de la Victoria realized  about this and promissed to send a Christ in the Cross. 1592 the Christ arrived to Puertodel Callao in Peru together  with a  Mary for Cordoba City. They both had written their destinations, so they were sent on mule back  to Salta. The Christ arrived on September 13th and was kept in the main church and the Mary taken to Cordoba city. The Lord was in the church for 100 years, in its box, still hidden..

On September 13th, 1692, strong earthquakes started and many of the old buildings were destroyed, also the church. A Virgen which had been in the church for  long time fell down and some of the ladies who used to be in the church noticed the change of colour in the imagery and the priests decided to take the imageries outside the church, in the main square where people prayed forr two more days. On september 15th the earthquakes stopped, but anytime people in Salta feel in danger pray to the LOrd and Virgen of Miracle. In September there are big demonstrations of faith and a Procession to renew the Pact of Loyalty and Fidelity to them.

The Cathedral is a mixture of styles,... But better to get a decription, see it by yourself. Not only in the day, also at night.