This article offers some useful information for travelers who are planning, or considering, a full moon walk (paseo de luna llena) at Iguazu National Park.  The information is based on the author's personal experience in late March 2010. 

  •  Information about the full moon walks is available in English from the park's website at
  • The walks are generally offered on the day of the full moon itself, plus the two days before and the two days after it.  (Consult the website for the current schedule.)  There are three walks offered each night-- at 20:00, 20:45, and 21:30-- that take visitors to the falls known as the Devil's Throat (Garganta del Diablo).  Dinner is optional for each walk.   
  • The cost of the walk is AR$160 pesos per person or AR$200 pesos per person if you want to include dinner. 
  • Space on each walk is limited, but you can reserve a spot in advance.  First, email your plans to  They will reply with a form for you to complete, which solicits your credit card details in order to guarantee the reservation.  (You won't actually be charged until the night of the walk, however, when you are required to present your credit card in person.)  Once you complete and return the reservation form, you will receive a confirmation by email.  Bring this confirmation with you to the park on the night of your walk! 
  • When you arrive at the main entrance to the park, go inside the gift shop to present your confirmation slip and to pay for your walk.  You'll be given a voucher that you must then exchange for entrance and train passes at the window outside the gift shop.  Once you have your entrance and train passes, join the separate line waiting to enter the park. 
  • Once inside the park, you're required to listen to a brief orientation by one of the guides before you board the train that takes you to the falls. 
  • People will be jockeying to get to the head of the line, or to sit at the forward part of the train, but it really doesn't matter where you sit.  It's about a 15-20 minute walk from where the train drops you off to the viewing platform.  If you really want to be the first one there, you have lots of opportunity to bypass everyone as they walk from the train station to the falls.   
  • There is plenty of room and time at the viewing platform for everyone to find a good spot and to take photographs.   
  • Be sure to use mosquito repellant liberally before heading to the park.  Use it on ALL exposed skin. 
  • The temptation to take photos is irresistible, but be forewarned-- the metal catwalks on which you'll be walking and standing constantly vibrate with the movement of the crowd.  It is extremely difficult to get an absolutely still shot, even with a tripod. 
  • The falls produce a constant spray or mist and, depending on the wind, you and your belongings may get wet.  It's generally possible to find a "safe" spot, but be prepared just in case. 
  • Check the park's website for information about cancellations due to inclement weather.

The full moon walks can be beautiful and offer a unique way to experience the falls.  Have a great visit!