Grab a copy of the English-language Buenos Aires Herald for information on upcoming cultural and sporting events. You will certainly not be disappointed by all the sights, sports and activities that you'll find here!


If you're in the mood for a pleasant picnic, a bike ride, or just a walk check out some of Buenos Aires' parks, especially the ones in Palermo. You will not be disappointed by the natural beauty and the numerous monuments that you will encounter. Keep in mind that some of these parks are closed to cars on weekends and sometimes during the week.

  • Parque Tres Febreros: perfect for a picnic. Also, check out thenearby Japanese Gardens on Avenida Cesares
  • Parque Rivadavia: this park is located all along avenida Rivadavia. There is an old legend that tells of a washerwoman who was murdered here and can be seen to this day as a ghost carrying her head. But don't let that scare you! There are some beautiful monuments throughout and there is also a book fair on sundays.
  • Bosques de Palermo : the oldest park in Buenos Aires.


With all the traffic and street pollution, running in the city might not feel very safe or healthy. One of the best places to go for a jogg is the Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur Avenida Achaval Rodriguez) where there are plenty of hiking trails and open spaces for running and other leisurely activities. 

Horseback Riding/Polo

Horse racing and polo are two of the most frequented sporting events in Buenos Aires. 

You can watch races at Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo, Av. del Libertador, in the center of the city. Be prepared! Some of the races last until past midnight. Entrance is free.

As for polo, the polo season begins in mid-September, with the less importanttournaments.  Tournaments continue through to the end of the season inearly December.   For example, between September 12 and 24, theCampeonato Abierto Del Jockey Club De Buenos Aires is scheduled. Thistournament is a good one to see since entrance is free, there are nocrowds and the top players are usually competing. Argentine Open Championship happens every November-December and is the most important polo event in the world. (Argentina is known for having won the most polo championships.) Prepare for a fun and extremely energetic mix of tourists, locals and even European loyalty.  Polo has two seasons in Argentina: March-May and September-December. You can watch at Campo Argentino de Polo. Tickets cost $25.

If watching the Argentine Open Polo Championship has made you want to try the game yourself, you can take both horseback riding and polo lessons in Buenos Aires. Try the Club Hipico Argentino on Avenida Figueroa Alcorta.

Two other not-to-be-missed tournaments include the Tortugas and Hurlingham Opens, both played at beautiful clubs. Hurlingham is quiteBritish. All the top players will certainly be in both tournaments.

You can practice polo and take lessons (every day during the wholeyear). BAS Sports and Tours provides horses and instructions for all riders - previous riding skills are not necessary. You can also watch polo matches from August - December.



The soccer season in Buenos Aires is February-November. There are games every Sunday and you can get tickets cheaply by contacting the first-division clubs. Entradas populares tickets are cheapest but the plateas are less rowdy. For up-to-date soccer information check out the Asociacion de Futbol Argentina .

Some of the favorite clubs are: 

  • River Plate, 011/4788-1200
  • Boca Juniors, 011/4309-4700
  • Huracan, 011/4911-0757
  • Velez Sarsfield, 011/4641-5763
  • San Lorenzo, 011/4914-2470
Expect loud, dangerous but fun street parties after every game!


Buenos Aires also has a long tradition of tennis. Unfortunately, playing tennis on your visit might be difficult as most clubs require large fees and most courts are private. You might get lucky if you try during the week when there is less demand. Check out the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club in Palermo or Sentitenis.


If you're planning to golf on your vacation, you should be happy to find out that in Argentina you can chose between 200 golf courses. In Buenos Aires check out the Cancha de Golf de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires on  Avenida Torquist, a 71-par course. You can play here for $10 on weekends. For more information on playing golf in Buenos Aires and the surrounding area, contact the Associacion Argentina de Golf.


A hidden gem in Buenos Aires is Belgrano Athletic Club. It is located in the leafy neighbourhood of Belgrano R,  where you can stroll along the tree lined streets while gazing at the beautiful buildings and embassies dotted around this secluded zone. During the rugby season you can head along and spend a few hours in this traditional English club watching rugby while enjoying a tasty lunch on the patio. Further a field in San Isidro its worth taking the train to watch CASI, who play their matches in a huge sports complex where you can spend the afternoon watching the locals playing hockey, tennis and rugby.   

Watch rugby matches on weekends from May - November.