Here are some tips for families travelling with young children:

It is a long flight, so make sure you bring stuff to keep them busy, like an ipod touch or mini ipad for each kid (they won't share it). Also bring neck pillows and check if the airline provides little cribs (Aerolineas Argentinas does not have them any more). Emergency candy and chip bags and their favorite juice is important too.Also don't forget their sippy cups and maybe a small portable potty (available at Babies R Us and it fits in your backpack ) Also remember the airlines won't give you your stroller back when the plane lands, so try to be hands free. It is a long walk to immigration.

Don't rent a car: there is no parking and traffic is insane. And there is a taxi everywhere

If you are renting a furnished apartment ask how many blocks away is the next subway station and how far is the regular train. A good area is the neighbourhood called Belgrano (rent near Cabildo avenue). Google the address.

Also ask if the building has a ramp for the stroller and if they have elevator. Most places are ten steps up rom the street

Make sure the apartment will have enough blankets and towels and a tv set, a microwave, wifi, and protection in the windows or balconies if it is a high floor (most places don't).

For younger kids: there are parks and playgrounds everywhere. Also McDonalds and Burger King are open 24 hours with kids areas inside. Neverland at Abasto for shopping and ask mothers where is the closest pelotero (those are party places with inflatables and toys great for rainy days).