Pickpockets and "moto robos", purse snatching on wheels have become more commonplace. The increase in crime should not deter visitors, but does underscore the need to exercise caution.   

Some areas of the city are safer than others. La Boca for instance is an area that should only be visited during the day time, never alone at night.   San Telmo has some dicey areas as well, particularly the further one wanders from Defensa, the main street in this zone. Much if not all of Recoleta, Palermo and Barrio Norte are relatively safe neighborhoods where many people walk carefree in the evenings and nights although the usual cautions apply.

Buenos Aires has its fair share of impoverished persons, making it unwise to walk around with flashy jewelry and clothing.  (Addition: you'll see tons of poor people collecting cardboard boxes, cans, etc on the streets, specially at night. These guys ARE NOT to fear. They are very unlikely to cause any harm and won't try to mug you. Most likely, they'll ignore you completely. Crime is committed mostly by professional criminals, robbing restaurants ar peak time, people leaving banks, and also partnering with taxi drivers. You should definitely be careful with taxis (use radiotaxis).  Exercise caution when exiting or entering a cab with your bags when either first arriving or departing. That is when a pair of thieves on a motorcycle may try ripping off a small bag or purse.

 Do not be affraid of the visible poor.They are mostly honest people. It is also not wise to flash expensive electronic equipment around or leave these things unattended on a table.  Petty theft is an issue. Violent crime is less common.


Taking Radio Taxi's is another smart choice, any hotel desk staff will be more than happy to call one for you.  Taking a street taxi is not a good idea.  Overall, people should be aware of their surroundings in Buenos Aires, but should not let constant fear ruin their time in this beautiful city.  Excercise caution and leave the flashy accessories at home or safely locked in the hotel safe. 

  • If you take the subway take care of your belongings.  There are people working together tobump you and steal what they can.  
  • Some cab drivers would try to shaft you.  Always have the correct change.  Donot hand them a $100 peso bill (which is all the bank machines giveout). You will get your bill back - this time a fake - and be told theycan't make change.
  • Always count your change recevied and do not accept bils that are worn, torn or look different. Carry small bills.
  • Watch your bags, handbags, backpacks at all times.  A small bicycle lock attaching your bag to your table may prevent theft.
  • Carry all money, passports credit cards secure on your pocket.
  • Theives work in teams, somewill get your attention, while their accomplices steal your things. Donot let a stranger take your photo - even if they appear to be anothertourist.
  • Take tours.
  • There are no such things as good areas.
  • If a place does not look or feel right - get out!

Being robbed is a hard lesson to learn. Being assaulted is an experience you do not want to have!

BuenosAires had many positive and good things to see and do, but do not letyour guard down: it's a big metropolis and as any other big city in the world you have to be alert. But it's worth the price!