• The Recoleta Cemetery was opened for ordinary people in 1822 but as Recoleta’s reputation improved, so did that of the cemetery. Now many presidents and historic figures important to Buenos Aires history are buried there. So often, murderers are buried very close to the people they murdered. The architecture styles of the tombs range from neo classic to art deco and the some of the sculptures have declared national historic monuments.
  • Eva Peron (Evita) is now buried in Recoleta Cemetery after her remains endured quite an adventure. Her dead body was stolen, copied, hidden, and then stolen again.
  • Firpo, “The wild bull of the Pampas” was the first Hispanic boxer to challenge for the world’s heavyweight championship. He now rests next to a fantastic sculpture.
  • Jaun Maunel de Rosas ruled Argentina for 20 years with a strong and often brutal fist. He hunted
    down many people who opposed him and killed them. Many of which are buried very near his vault.

Recoleta Cemetery  


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