The Day starts at the Palacio Duhau-Park Hyatt Buenos Aires.    If staying here, lucky you!   It is the newest yet most prestigious address in all of Buenos Aires; an early morning workout or swim is perfect to start your day before enjoying a sumptuous breakfast in Gioia.   Sit outside (or inside next to the picture window); the view from the restaurant across the gardens to the Palacio is breathtaking.   Afterwards, go back into the restaurant and downstairs to the Paseo de las Artes to see the revolving art work.   It changes regularly; don't forget to stop at the exposed flower shop and watch the florists in action.  


BUEPH Gioia to Palacio

Photo: View from Gioia to the Palacio at Park Hyatt Buenos Aires (personal photo)

Walk out the Palacio entrance and take a right down Avenida Alvear towards the park.  On weekends, the park has the "Hippie Fair" and is filled with hundreds of arts & crafts booths, plus food carts.    This can easily take a couple hours to fully see.  After the fair, walk through "Terrazas" at all the upscale home design goods; buy something and have it shipped home.   Not only are the styles and quality excellent but the Peso-Dollar conversion makes it hard to pass up.    Have lunch at one of the outdoor cafes in Terrazas.      

Next, walk over to Recoleta Cemetery to see the amazing mausoleums.   Some of them are built like little churches - famillies are buried together over generations - you can even look into many of the crypts through the glass doors.    It is a unique sight (and don't forget to see the tomb of Eva Peron - just follow the people, you can't miss it).   A warning - there are many people trying to get "donations" for the poor or to offer a guided walk through the Cemetery.     A map of the cemetery is at the front - identify Eva's grave as a direction - then just browse on your way there.   You generally don't need a guide.   And those that are asking for money for the poor are often a ruse. 

When done, leave the Cemetery and walk back down Posadas Avenue towards Patio Bullrich.   This is a Victorian era indoor mall with upscale shops.   Don't expect to find many deals here; this is the most expensive shopping gallery in B.A.   Make sure to take a moment to enjoy the leaded glass ceiling and beautiful railings.   From here, walk up and down the streets just pass Patio Bullrich; there are many charming antique stores, galleries and clothing boutiques - some with good deals, most with great products.  


Photo:  A view towards the Obelisk down a Recoleta side street (personal photo)

Continue walking down Posadas under the freeway.   Strangely, there are many great restaurants (choose any as they are all at least decent - try Bond at least for a drink) located underneath the freeway.   Make a reservation for dinner at one of the restaurants, then pop by Havanna to buy some "alfajores" - the traditional Argentine cookie-dulce de leche combination, dipped in chocolate.   These are a bit common but frankly, too good to pass up.   An inexpensive and delicious gift for all your friends and family - and for yourself!   If you need to rest your feet, sit at the cafe and have a coffee.   While this sounds strange, the city has done a great job of taking an unpleasant under-freeway area and turned it into a nice dining location.

Take a pop back to the Park Hyatt to relax your feet, have a dip in the pool or work out (if you didn't do it this morning) before heading over to dinner.    After dinner, take a cab to the Faena to enjoy the Rojo Tango show.    While very expensive, it is an amazing show filled with multiple costume changes, great singing and wonderful performances.    An amazing show - make sure to have a reservation well in advance as it is extremely popular.  

At this point, you'll need to rest your feet - and your wallet.   A wonderful day in Recoleta!