Olu Deniz is a tourist resort with little or no feel of Turkish culture. Basically, it's sun, sand and sangria (or cocktails). That said, the beach and nearby lagoon are very pretty if rather crowded in peak season. The sea however is dead with no fish, crabs etc so snorkelling is a dead loss. The town is wedged into a steep valley and development is therefore restricted - there are no high rise hotels or buildings. After you have tired of the beach and single street of shops, there is not much to do. Recommended is a short domus trip to Kabak bay. A 45 minute walk from the bus stop but well worth it for an unspoilt and secluded beach. A day out in Fethiye is also worth it - go on market day (Tuesday). Buy your gifts and fake brands there - much cheaper than Olu Deniz.. Local boat trips are also good value.

There are a good choice of restaurants and bars, particularly if you enjoying dining whilst simultaneously watching 3 live English Premiership games. Quieter restaurants can be found, but are a bit off the beaten track. Try the Secret Garden.For a budget fine-dining and superb cocktails CLOUD 9 is the address...

 Brits predominate in Olu Deniz. In particular fashion during the summer of  2009 were tattoos, body piercings and replica football shirts.

 At an exchange rate of £1=2.4TL everything was roughly the same price as the UK including meals, drinks, trips, etc. By far the most expensive holiday for us after recent trips to Cuba, Far East, Morrocco, Egypt. Not sure why Turkey has become so expensive (but see below).

The aspect I dislike most was blatant dual pricing between tourists and locals. A simple purchase of say ice creams would see payment of say 20TL whereas the Turkish guy in front had just paid 5TL for the same thing. We've not seen this anywhere else to the same extent and this  would prevent a visit to Turkey in the future.