If god owned a laboratory to display the most colorful experiments, it would be Stellenbosch ! 

Stellenbosch reminds you of of two things; bright sunshine and the biting cold. Thoughts move further to its exhilarating flora, the undiluted blue sky and the lingering taste of wine. Wine reminds one of the wineries on the mountain slopes and the deep valleys. With the rising sun shining on the mountains, the distinctive colors of the mountains became evident while the withdrawing sun light of the evening enhanced their grandeur. With diminishing light during late evenings, the very same mountains seemed ready to retire for the night!

Memories of Stellenbosch also remind you of other places in South Africa, the most prominent being the seas of South Africa. The seas of South Africa are distinctly ferocious, than anywhere. The seas further remind you of the icy cold waters and the braai fires on windy beaches. Windy beaches remind you of seagulls; trying to fly against the winds, the excitement of spotting whales and then an occasional whale spray somewhere in the distant sea. Unannounced, it begins to rain, making it impossible to look farther into the sea. The rains make the atmosphere unusually cooler and purer. Then the rain stops and the sunlight reflects back on the trees and the sea. After some time, the sky retracts back the rain, leaving the stormy seas midway.