The Knysna Elephant Park is situated outside of Knysna, on the way to Plettenberg Bay.

Upon arrival, visitors can head to reception to book a time when they will be taken to the elephants as they graze in the veld. Visitors are welcome to buy one or more baskets of fruits and vegetables to feed the elephants.

After a short documentary on the Knysna Elephant Park that will also warn visitors what they MAY and MAY NOT DO while in the presence of the elephants, a 4x4 vehicle will take visitors out into the veld to meet them.

Visitors will then be given the opportunity to experience the elephants as they graze behind a wooden post while anxious visitors settle down and become accustomed to them.

It may be unsettling for people who have never had the opportunity to be that close to elephants before, but visitors will soon realise that they are gentle giants.

Visitors will be able to feed, touch and take photos with them.

Visitors are reminded that African Elephants are not lapdogs or pets and should be treated with respect at all times.