It is preferable that you should walk along Table Mountain with someone who knows the route although the routes are reasonably marked and only unseasoned walkers would have any problems. A safe route to the top with a guide. Never walk alone or without telling someone where you are going. Make sure you have good walking shoes, the path is clear but it is uneven terrain and you are climbing 700 metres to the top. The highest point of Table Mountain is called McClears Beacon and is 1087 metres above sea level. The start of this route on Tafelberg Road is at 350 metres above sea level. Also make sure you carry plenty of water, especially if the weather is hot. Remember that the higher you are the cooler it is and the weather on the mountain can change quickly - so take something warm, even if it is hot. If you want to explore other routes, find out about the hiking clubs or employ a qualified guide.