...it's an experience

Often the most time that travellers spend talking to the local people, when they travel abroad, is to the staff at the hotel and to the tourist guide. Well, sometimes even the guide is from another country.

Home hosted dinners have really started taking off in Cape Town. It is a rare opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation with local a Cape Town family. It is a very personal engagement opportunity and also very enjoyable. There is no rush, no loud music etc. and so the environment and atmosphere in enjoyable.

The majority of the population in Cape Town are "Coloured" people. These are largely descendants of the Khoi and San People, who have been given "FIRST NATION" status by the U.N. recognising them as the first inhabitants of Southern Africa.

You eat what the family would normally eat for dinner and in the way they would eat it.  It is a true cultural experience and not a show since you are actually in peoples homes.

Normally, there are no more than six visitors at one home and that works very well and is allows for good interaction. Groups of up to 20 people are sometimes hosted but then there are more local people in attendance as well ie. the host family will invite more local people over as well.  These are for organised/ pre-booked groups only.

Meals are normally 3 course with a glass of Red, White wine or beer. Very often additional drinks may be purchased.

Feel free to take along some additional alcohol.

Please note:

  • If you are being hosted by a Muslim or Cape Malay family there will be no alcohol served and you may not be allowed to smoke on the premises
  • always check how many people, in total,  will be attending the dinner
  • transport costs are not normally included
  • check the menu
  • Remember that you are there for the experience
Here is a list of some of the companies who offer this opportunity: Ikapa Tours ; Abecrombe and Kent; C.C. Africa; Grand Circle; Springbok Atlas, Cape Town Tourism (when you enquire through Cape Town Tourism they will direct you to people who are members of their organisation) and  Pozay.com .