Lake Havasu City was built with tourists in mind and is full of fun-filled festivals throughout the year. Because it is warm all year round, visiting the city and celebrations also go on in every month.

One of the most popular festivals is London Bridge Days, which is celebrated annually on October 27 to remember the arrival of the London Bridge from this day in 1971. The festival truly highlights the English culture in the city and has music concerts, tea time, and a parade. The celebration runs from late October through early November.

The Havasu Art Guild plans several celebrations and showings throughout the year usually a big one in spring and an expo in October.

November and December become very festive in the Christmas spirit with the Festival of Lights which showcases more than one million lights, singing choirs, decorations, parades and more; it is a beautiful time to visit.

February celebrates ever year, the Winterfest with arts and crafts, competitions, boat and car displays, and of course a lot of food.

Lake Havasu City is an active community and there are also many sports-minded type of competitions and festivals throughout the year among others, visit the city's online tourist board for a calendar.