Lake Havasu City is in the desert and with this comes extreme heat. The weather can fluctuate greatly between the extreme highs and the cooler temperatures that come in, so dressing in layers will come in handy. The city sees a beautiful 300 sunny days on average per year and is a warm climate year round; therefore Lake Havasu City can be visited any time of the year!

Although the winters are warm and see average temperatures around the mid 60s so if you are wanting to engage in a lot of water sports while you are here, you may want to consider coming in the other months. Other sports however such as golf, hiking, horsebackriding, and fishing that are very popular in the region can be done year round (with careful attention to the heat over the summer).

The heat is something to consider when planning your trip. The summer temperatures regularly climb to 120 degrees of scorching yet dry heat. Although the lake can serve as a great place to cool off, if these temperatures are not something you are used to, you will have to plan accordingly and make sure to drink more liquids than usual, wear proper amounts of sunscreen and protect yourself from the sun with hats and sunglasses. Those with sensitivities to such extreme heat should definitely plan to come in the late fall, winter, or early spring to see more normal temperatures, in the 70s.