Soweto’s summer lasts from September through April while its winter lasts from May to August. It lucks out with a rather mild climate, compared to other parts of Africa which become scorching during the   summer and can be frightfully cold   during the winter. In Soweto, it is generally mild and sunny throughout the year. Summer can get rather hot though, between 58 to 77 degrees. Also, the rainy season comes in the summer rather than the winter. During this time, from October through April, the rain storms can be harsh downpours but will end as abruptly as they begin, with the sun peeping out.

The seasons however are rather flexible so that the summer can extend over into spring and autumn. Regardless, in the winter, the nights can get a little bit chilly so it is a good idea to bring a jacket in the evenings. On the whole it is a dry country with a mean annual rainfall of 502 mm. Snowfall is limited to the highest mountain peaks.

Since the weather is generally seasonable all year old, this does not generally affect when people want to travel. The one piece of advice to give is to pack according to the season, bringing light cottons for the summer and a bit heavier pieces for the winter.