British rule of Johannesburg over the course of history has meant that the national sports of importance in the area are the same ones which are important in Britain.  Primarily, soccer, rugby and cricket are the sports which are most frequently enjoyed by locals as both spectators and participants.  There are numerous soccer clubs in Johannesburg called football clubs, of course, after the British appellation for the game) and there are also soccer teams associated with the universities there.  The area should be bustling with national attention in 2010 when the World Cup Soccer Championship is held there.

Running is also a popular sport in Johannesburg.   As a result, many people there have taken up the hobby sport of jogging.   Travelers interested in joining locals in this activity should know about Jan van Riebeeck Park ( ) which is the most popular park in Johannesburg for trail running.   Melville Kopies Nature Reserve is a more natural setting for hiking and jogging for travelers interested in getting away from the city for a bit. Travelers interested in more active sporting in the area for their own enjoyment may want to try their hand at water-based sports.   Germiston Lake ( ) is one location for such adventures.

For something more out of the ordinary, you can also go kloofing. Kloofing is basically hiking down a streambed. It can be exhilarating and very thrilling. GoVertical Mountaineering offers various trips and packages, and Simonskloof has accommodations where you can spend a day or two while you take one or more kloofing adventures.