Johannesburg (better known as Joburg) is a huge place combining wealth and poverty like no other. One may divide it up into the 4 directions North, East, South & West. Depending on what you are looking for, you may need to go to all districts, or just be content with the cosmopolitan of the North.

You can get great city tours of Soweto (the famous South Western Township district from the apartheid years) where you get a real sense of Africa in the best way! Many tour operators will take you on this city tour which is fairly safe, where you enter the town, get a local meal, and  get to see how the people live. 

 Should you only be in SA or Joburg for a short amount of time, and still want to experience the bush, a short drive up North-West to the Lion and Rhino Park is great for a morning's outing. At the Park, you can see Lion, Cheetah, Wild Dog amongst the other animals there. You may also want to stop off at the Caves to check out the findings which they base the Cradle of Mankind of located in the same district.


A great website to visit is it is targeted at residents, but has some great ideas for tourists.