Chapel of San Segundo

The Chapel of San Segundo is located at Puerta del Puente, s/n. This Romanesque building was built between 1130 and 1160. It is known that in 1250 the chapel was dedicated to San Sebastian and Santa Lucia. In 1521 the chapel was reformed and a sepulcher was found with what was thought to be the bones of Santus Secundus, one of the seven men sent by St. James to evangelize Spain. So the name was changed to the Chapel of San Segundo. San Segundo is thought to have been the first bishop of Avila. The chapel has three naves. The south portal has archivolts that feature rosettes and capitals with animal and plant motives. The interior has a sculpture of San Segundo made in alabaster by the famous artist Juan de Juani in 1573. In 1923 the chapel was declared a National Monument.