Juneau doesn't offer much in the way of spectator sports, but the possibilities for participating in sporting activities are many.  One of the most popular activities for sportsmen in Juneau is fishing.  There are several companies that offer sea fishing to visitors.  You can either charter a boat for a day with some friends or buy a spot on a regularly scheduled trip.  Either way, you'll be in good hands. The captains of these fishing boats know where the fish are!  On some fishing excursions members of the crew will even clean your fish for you and pack them in ice for travel.  

Fly fishing is also popular among fishing enthusiasts visiting Juneau.  Fly fishing excursions are available for whole and half days and include an experienced guide and often transportation to the fishing areas.  These excursions are often in high demand because in addition to fishing they allow visitors to experience the Alaskan wilderness and view wildlife and glaciers.