The culture of Juneau is largely a mixture of Native American heritage and the legacy of the 19th Century mining industry interlaced with the powerful forces of nature that surround the city.  Many of Juneau's institutions and businesses, and most of its people, reflect this culture.  There are several ways that travelers can get a taste of what Juneau really is.  The following is a list of attractions that will both educate and entertain visitors:

Alaska State Museum :  Since its founding this museum has been the official repository for Alaska's state history.  It features exhibits on Alaska's Native Culture, history, art and natural history.

Juneau-Douglas City Museum :  This museum offers exhibits on Juneau's mining history and its Tlingit Indian culture.

Last Chance Mining Museum: (907) 586-5338 Learn about Juneau's mining history, see historic mining buildings, and check out underground mining tunnels.  Call for details.