Juneau is the state capital of Alaska, and a popular port for cruise ships. This means that many passengers only have one day to spend in beautiful Juneau. Here's a guide for the perfect day:

  1. Stop in to a Visitor Center, staffed by local volunteers eager to help you make the most of your time in Juneau.
  2. Go whale watching.  One glimpse of those mighty creatures is enough to make Juneau the highlight of your vacation. And remember, book far in advance. When a town like Juneau gets 15,000 extra people in one day, the good stuff is going to go fast.
  3. Go salmon fishing. Or better yet, do a combination fishing/whale watching adventure. There are several charter outfits that will combine this activity for you, just your private group on your schedule, at the same price as doing one or the other. And everything is provided for you on the charter boat, gear, bait, fishing license's. You can either catch and release or send your catch home. The charter crew will handle it all for you.
  4. Even better, do the glacier and whale watching and fishing all in one tour. There are many options here. But be sure to ask about group size, (private or mixed), whale sighting guarantees, best fishing times and species, and size and quality of vessel and amenities.
  5. Take a ride up the mountain on the Mr. RobertsTram. Awesome sight and photo opportunities, and enjoy lunch and shopping while on top.
  6. Go to the Mendenhall Glacier. There are a lot of great hiking trails, and it's free to get in. (There is a nominal charge to enter the visitor's center). For a good photo-op, there is Photo Point Trail, but its can get very congested with guests. Hike the short, flat trail to Nugget Falls for a different perspective.
  7. Take a helicopter trip to the Juneau Icefield and its glaciers for some dog-sledding or flightseeing. An unbelievable experience!!.
  8. Talk a stroll around town. Downtown is very walkable with excellent shopping, food and views,

These are just some suggestions. If you have a better idea, then go right ahead! But these activities are a pretty good bet for the hurried cruiser!