Cook Islands Library and Museum Society, Avarua.

The library and museum are both located in Avarua, past the Avarua CICC church along Tinirau Drive.  Commenced by voluntary support amongst the local community of Rarotonga during the mid 1960's the complex continues to build upon its collection of books, as well as historical artefacts relating mainly from the period of early European settlement on Rarotonga to the present day.  The actual grounds of the library and museum sit astride lands belonging to one of Avarua's most prominent tribal families, the Makea clan; whose ancient ruins and and renovated dwelling structures can be clearly seen from the surrounding Peace Gardens to the front of the library and museum.

The library has the best known lending collection of reading material in the Cook Islands. For a $20 annual membership, a wide range of publications of both fictional and non-fictional content is accessible during the hours of 9am to 1pm, with a evening opening from 4pm til 7pm on Tuesday's only.  The Museum observes similar day-time opening hours, and has a nominal entry fee towards viewing the permanet displays and current installations.  The museum also serves as a lecture theatre by visiting guest speakers on occassion. The combined facility sells historical publications from time to time, depending on prints being made available for sale. As a side attraction, the knowledgable volunteers also serve to provide the island's visitors with sound information on what to see and do and ways in which to maximise the visitor experience to Rarotonga. 

Opposite the Library and Museum Society is the current Cook islands campus of the University of the South Pacific.   Whilst the Peace Gardens situated in front of the library and museum complex is a gorgeous oasis to reflect and relax within, ahead of a visit to other nearby attractions in the immediate vacinity of this historically important area of Avarua.  The outstanding colonial architecture of the Mission grounds and homestead can be best viewed from the rear of the Cook Islands Library and Museum in Avarua.