Black Rock is historically believed to be the departure point for human spirits.  In olden times black rock basaltic features covered an extensive area where the site is now situated.  Unfortunately due to the need for crushed metal to form modern day roads, a quarry was installed to provide metal for construction purposes; including the extension of the airport to international standards.  Lack of awareness about the important of indigenous beliefs and values has eroded the site dramatically.

Today, the black rocks located along the beachfront are used as diving platforms, very much as they have been since Europen settlement began around this locality in the late 1800's.  The adjacent Nikao Social Centre is a popular summer playground for many people due to its favourable aspect sheltered from trade winds and having large clear areas for swimming, snorkelling, and even surfing.  Part of the black rock quarry has been transformed into several of the golf links for the only golf course found on Rarotonga.  Other recreational activities located within the immediate area are the tennis courts, and newly formed beach volleyball area.