There is a huge choice of places to eat on Rarotonga including a fusion of local flavours, international cuisine, freshly available ingredients including deep-sea fish, tropical fruit and vegetables (some imported), together with timeless  favourites.  Several restaurants offer fine dining experiences, while a number of small steakhouses and cafes located around Rarotonga serve a varied menu including vegetarian dishes.  The island has plentiful takeaways and market stalls featuring hamburgers,  BBQ meat and salads, fish and chips, island chop suey and 'ika mata - more popularly known as raw fish.  Several dining spots overlook the ocean, some are nestled into a tropical garden setting, yet a number of popular diners are simple sidewalk cafes. Many dining places are licensed, while a few places will allow byo wine.

Dining is available Monday to Sunday, with a number of the restaurants and cafes being closed on Sunday. The major resorts provide a la carte dining in addition to weekly island-nights featuring a buffet meal and Polynesian floor-show.  Food served at the island-nights will include some local delicacies alongside roasted meats, baked fish, vegetable dishes and tropical fruits.  Desserts are served as well.  

It would be unfair to single one out one estabishment as being the best on Rarotonga without seeming to favour any one place in particular.  Better to read the reviews on this forum which are added to almost daily to see what appeals to your tastes, including your budget.