You won't get bored in Moorea. Here's a list of a few activities; there's something for everyone.  
Get a Tattoo to remind yourself of the best vacation you’ve ever taken. The word tattoo originates in Tahiti and tattoos are considered beautiful in Tahitian culture. For more information on tattoo artists:

 If you have a car or some other means of transportation, take a trip up to Belvedere Lookout for the best view on Moorea. Technically, you can probably bike up there, but this is supposed to be a vacation, right? Stop for an ice cream at the little snack shack and ask a fellow traveler to take your picture against this beautiful backdrop.

Shop for black pearls! There are a few little pearl stores in the “town” of Moorea. 

All thing water-related. On Moorea you can sign up for whale and dophin watch tours. You can feed sharks and sting-rays. You can sit on a beautiful white or black sand beach and soak up the sun! 

Take a 4x4 tour and see all the sights. Visited a pineapple field, tour an ancient template and end the day with a visit to the pineapple factory where you can sample vanilla-based liquors. I recommend Albert’s Tours and a guide called Blanc Blanc in particular: