Following are some travel tips for people who have never before been to Tahiti :
  • Visitors from the United States and Canada do need a valid passport in order to enter Tahiti. Visitors from other countries may require a visa.


  • The money used in Tahiti is called the “Pacific French Franc,” which is often referred to as “CFP.” This is not the same currency that is used in France, which is the EURO.


  • Tourists can sometimes purchase things with American dollars, but stores and restaurants usually give a pretty bad exchange rate. The best way to buy thing and save the most on the exchange is through a credit card.


  • It may be hard to get used to the fact that workers (waiters, waitresses, hotel workers, etc…) do not expect to be tipped for services. Some tourists do tip these people since it’s a habit and is done in most other countries, but in Tahiti, tipping is not customary.


  • Drinking tap water in Tahiti should not cause problems for tourist. However, tourists are usually offered bottled water to drink.


  • When visiting Tahiti, don’t forget to bring sunscreen! It’s possible to purchase sunscreen in Tahiti, but it is incredibly expensive – about $25 (American dollars) per bottle.