There are a ton of excursions and day trips that can be taken from Tahiti. Some of these activities will take longer than others, and some are good for families with kids.

Fishing: Visitors can pay to take guided trips out to sea for fishing. The best way to find out about different trips available is through any local hotel. This sort of excursion can be quite expensive (several hundred dollars for a day), but is well worth the cost for anyone who likes to fish.

Swimming with Dolphins: There are companies that take visitors to the areas where dolphins swim so that visitors can jump in the water and play with them in their natural habitat. The cost for a trip like this is about $100 per person, and this is a great activity for a family, as long as the children are old enough to enjoy the experience.

Helicopter Tours : For anyone not afraid of heights and flying, a helicopter tour of Tahiti is a great way to see the entire area from the top down.

Pearl Farms: Tahiti is well known for the pearls that it produces and exports. It’s a unique experience for tourists to see for themselves how pearls are “farmed.”