Sport Fishing in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area is truly an amazing experience.

Costa Rica is world renowned for its fishing grounds and Quepos and Manuel Antonio are the hub of this fame.  Offshore fishing for Blue, Black and Striped Marlin is what most anglers seek to fulfill their bucket lists.  Pacific Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado and Yellow Fin Tuna keep anglers busy offshore.  Inshore fishing for the Prize Fighting Roosterfish, World Record Snook, Snapper, Mackeral and Jack Crevalle.

You can expect to run anywhere from 16-30 miles offshore on a usual day of offshore action, so depending on the boat you can expect about a 45 min ride. The seas are renowned for their calmness and most days offshore it is like fishing on a lake and the water is like glass.

A day offshore you can also expect to see huge schools of Dolphins as well as sea turtles and whales on your offshore adventure. On the inshore fishing days, remember that you are in an area that boasts some of the best beaches in Costa Rica so the scenery is going to be amazing between the rocks and the beaches. There will be some areas that you must take pictures, it’s just something that needs to be done.

Now when you are looking for a Quepos charter boat there will be lots of options. There are boats that are more comfortable than others for a full day of off shore fishing providing fully shaded Helms on Sportfishers with full Bathrooms and there are some that are better for ½ day inshore fishing.

Most charter boats in Quepos are between 31-35 feet accommodating 4-6 anglers.  There are a few in the 38-46 ft. ’range for larger groups.  The smaller boats in the 25  foot  range are best for ½ day inshore trips getting closer to the rock structure.

There are several Sport fishing Companies in Quepos now in fact every year more and more Americans are coming to Quepos for its reputation and giving a go at what others have been so successful at. Remember to do your research here there are lots of options for boat providers.  Review Trip Advisor to see which companies have provided the best service and options for crews and boats to accommodate your budget and your fishing needs whether it is your first time offshore fishing or you are an avid angler