Jaco is a relatively small town with only one main street so, walking is always a good option for getting around.  However, in the midday heat you will want to consider hailing  one of the numerous taxis  found everywhere in town 24/7.  Legal and insured taxis are easily recognized as they are all Red with a Yellow upside down Triangleon the doors.

Fares are very low priced . You can ask what the fare will be before getting in a cab or when you get in the taxi the driver will just run the meter.  Any trip within town will run between $2.00 - $3.00 (1000-1500 colones).

If headed to neighboring by Hermosa Beach, a taxi ride will cost you between $8.00-$9.00 (4000-4500colones)

To Call a Taxi to your Hotel/Condo/Home- Call 2643-2020. The dispatcher will answer in Spanish, but will likely speak a little english, just speak slowly and clearly to them.

*NOTE* If you have more than 3 people in your party, ask for a Taxi "Grande" and they will send a 6 passneger SUV Taxi. If you don't ask for a Grande, they will send a Toyota Corolla or mid sized sedan.

Travel Tip: Write down the name of the location and name of the hotel/condo complex /or rental home where you are staying a piece of paper, and keep it with you at all times. When you check into your accomodations, ask a staff memeber to write down directions to where you are staying in Spanish so you can show it to any cab driver and be assured he'll know exactly where to bring you.

As for  car rentals, you will not need a car if staying exclusively in Jaco; however, if you would like to make day trips to Manuel Antonio National Park etc. or venture outward,  you can either use public buses or rent a car.  Here are the local and international companies that are in town:

National Rent -a-Car - located next to the first bridge as you head north down the main road.  21+ for rental - $60usd per day to $275usd per week.  Accepts all major credit cards.

Payless Car Rental - 500 feet north of Banco Nacional and across from Testaurante La Ostra.  Rentals run from $60per day to $275usd per week.  Accepts all major credit cards.

Zuma Rent-a-Car - 300 feet north of Banco Nacional inside Centro Comercial el Paso.  Cars for around $250 per week; jeeps $325 insurance included.  Accepts all major credit cards.