Jaco is a small beach town and so has no exclusive public transportation services. However, taxi, bus, and mini-bus service is available and serves the town on regular daily schedules. There is some ferry transportation, but it is limited. Taxis have meters, but drivers don't always use them, so fares may end up being higher. Most rail service in the country was discontinued after the earthquakes in the mid-1990s, though a few train tour services are available.

Shuttles and taxis are available for transportation between Jaco and the nearest airport, Juan Santamaria International Airport, which is about 80 miles southwest of town.

Transportation by bus (there are two or three companies) is the least expensive way to travel around Costa Rica in general. Buses leave for Jaco from various points daily, and vise versa.  On holidays, more frequent service is offered. In the area's busiest season, which is December through April, it's a good idea to purchase weekend and public holiday tickets at least three days in advance.

One often overlooked option for transportation within the country of Costa Rica is air travel. As small as the country is, flights are short (less than an hour) and therefore, relatively inexpensive.