Jaco- pronounced (Hah-Ko)

While there is no official tourist office located within Jaco  there are a variety of places where you can get information needed to plan your vacation while in the Jaco Beach and Los Suneos area, that will help you save time and money, and allow you to get the most out of your visit.

Local Tour specialists and operators are always a good place to start if you are looking to book activities,and can guide you to the better Tours and tour operators in the region, and often get you discounted rates on the wide variety of tours and excursions the Jaco Beach area offers.

Contacting the Jaco Tour & Vacation Rental leaders at Lost Beach Vacations at info@lostbeachvacations.com  is a very good way to get complete area information, tour descriptions, schedules and discounts.  

 Here is another website that has great information about Jaco as well www.visitjacocostarica.com 

 Finally, check out the TripAdvisor home page on Jaco: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g3...

Or the forums for talking with fellow travelers about Jaco: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowForum-...

Here is a quick run down of basic services:

Banks - Banco Nacional (longest lines and wait times) is located in the center of town across from the bus stop . BCR(Banco de Costa Rica) Located at the main Bus terminal on the North End of Main St, next to Pizza Hut .BAC-Bank of San Jose - located on the second floor of the Galeon Shopping Plaza in the center of Jaco on Main St- above the TCBY yogurt shop

ATM Machines- There are many throughout Jaco. All will accept your U.S. ATM cards and several offer the option of withdrawing money in American Dollars of Costa Rican Colones .

Transfers and Transportation- For the best rates on safe and secure airport transfers or local private transportation contact Lost Beach Tours at info@lostbeachvacations.com Local Taxi service is plentiful as well and taxi fares are low priced and fair. If the taxi does not have the meter running when you enter the cab, be sure to ask your driver how much the fare will be to take you to your destination, when you first get into the cab.

Bus Terminal - located on the northern end of town directly across from the Best Western and behind the Pizza Hut. Buses to San Jose and Quepos run several times per day and the fares are very low priced from $3-$5.

Supermarkets - stock up on water and snacks at the Mas X MenosSupermarket located 50 feet south of Banco National in the center of Town, or Maxi-Bodega , located on the main highway at the entrance to Jaco. If you are staying closer to or at Los Suneos, the                 Auto Mercado Grocery store offers a full variety of popular American Brands as well as local brands of everything.

Medical Center - the Red Cross is located 100 feet south of the Banco National on Main St. and is open 24 hrs. The Clinica Catalina, a private Medical clinic, is also open 24hrs a day .

Internet and phone calling centers - these are located all over Jaco.