Read Trip Advisor  for the best general information about Costa Rica.

Lonley Planet, Frommers, and Fodors guide books are the worst sources of valid information for visiting Costa Rica, and are loaded with out dated, false, and jaded information. All three are guilty of falsely publishing reports and reviews using nothing more than information gathered on the internet,individual opinions, and information assumed to be true and recent. Lonely Planet is the worst offender, and if you planning a trip to Costa Rica do yourself a favor and leave your Lonely Planet book in the garage!

When reading reports or searching for information on Jaco, make sure what you read is current. Jaco has changed a lot in the last 2 years, and for the much better. There are a lot of out dated  bad reports about the way Jaco "Was", however it has improved in leaps and bounds as it has grown into Costa Rica's #1 destination.