Learning to surf in Costa Rica can be the experience of a life time! Is such an amazing sport and Costa Rica is so blessed by having such good waves everyday that if you visit this beautiful country surfing is something that you should definitely try.  If you are a first time surfer or intermediate recommend you to try Jaco beach (specially the south end of the beach, the waves are very nice and mellow), if you are intermidiate to advance try Hermosa beach 5km south of Jaco, this is where the ISA world surfing contest was host on 2009, is a world class surf break. Also make sure to have a surf lesson if you have never done it before, and if you already have some surfing knowledge is OK to ask the locals where is a good spot for you, if you dont know the area is always helpful to get some advise from local surfers. There is rip tides in most of the costarican beaches so watch out... also depending on the swell height there is some spots that can get pretty rough so if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing get help from an expert!