Tamarindo is a trendy, small beach town.  It's the perfect getaway for those wanting to go somewhere different. It's has a very laid-back vibe with a dress code requiring only sandals, tee shirts, and shorts. Yet, you can still dress up for dinner or a nightclub. The beauty of Tamarindo is you're free to do most whatever you want.

Aerial View of Tamarindo 

Tropical beach location 

Tamarindo is located on the northwestern coast of Costa Rica in the province of Guanacaste. It's has a long sand beach which is the center of activity during the day. From the beach boats take fishing or sail fish, tuna, etc. And, many like the half-day catamaran tours. Actually, there is a long-list of both ocean and land-based vacation activities available.

Tamarindo Tropical Beach

Something for everyone

The diversity of the people who visit is really remarkable! You'll find singles, couples, families from around the world coming to visit. And, the locals are also a diverse group from the USA, Canada, all over Europe, South America, and more.


Tamarindo is afterall an international beach town. So, as you can imagine it has all kinds of people. While it's one of the safest places in Costa Rica, visitors should watch there stuff. Thieves like to steal mobile phones, ipads, etc. and they especially like to take them during your first vacation days. So, when you arrive in your "jet-lag cloud" clear you mind and lock up valuables right away. Remember your not at home anymore.

Weather - two seasons 

Unlike many other climates, Tamarindo has wet and dry seasons, not winter and summer. The season are 6 - months each. The low season is the wet season and the low is the dry season. Here is a weather chart displaying rain patterns.

The season you book has a lot to do with price rates for hotels and vacation rentals. The rates are the highest during the Christmas and Easter holidays.


Even though Tamarindo is small, it's still larger than the surrounding towns. So, it's also the nightlife center. However, you should know tht nothing much happens during the dinner hours (6pm - 11pm). After 11pm the town comes alive!

Rental cars

There are lots of complaints on the Tripadvisor Forums about car companies. It's a complicated subject. If thinking about renting a car you should read this. Just so you know, many just walk or rent a bicycle. 

Using Tamarindo as a hub destination

Very often visitors park their belongings at a Tamarindo hotel or vacation rental to visit the surrounding jungles and volcanoes. Best to take a shuttle, but you can also rent a car right in Tamarindo.