Playas del Coco is a generally safe location for travelers from all throughout the world.  It is not a spot which is marked as being threatened by international terrorism.  It is also not a location known for crimes against tourists.  Travelers should, of course, use common sense precautions to protect themselves from such common crimes against travelers as pick pocketing (, purse snatching ( and cell phone snatching (

Travelers generally do not have to concern themselves too much with extra-ordinary health problems in the area.  As a precaution, visitors should drink only bottled water and should try to eat only foods prepared with bottled water.  Travelers should also check to be sure that foods are completely cooked, particularly those with red meat in them, and that dairy products are fresh.  Fish and other seafood are safe to consume, as this is a fishing industry town.

Travelers should take precautions when enjoying sports on the beaches of the area.   Sport fishing and scuba diving are common activities enjoyed in the area.   Visitors should be careful when enjoying such activities, using tour guides as necessary to assist them in adapting the sports to their own skill levels.   Visitors should always let someone know where they are going and when they expect to return, even if that someone is just the concierge at the hotel.