If you are vacationing in or near Playas del Coco, Gauanacaste, Costa Rica you have to take a ride to Playa Penca. this beach is not accesible by car so renting a  "lancha" would be the thing to do. If you are in playas del coco walk to the town's preminade "el parque" and ask anybody for a "lancha" they can take you to playa Penca for about 15,000 colones each way (about $30 for 6 people) have them drop you off and ask them to pick you up later on (give them a time). Playa Penca is one of the most beautifull beaches in that area and not crowded at all !!! it is great for snorkeling, many tours take people snorkling there, so if you have your snorkle, fins and mask, pack your lunch and head over to playa Penca, you'll be glad you did.