Beware of scams in Playas del Coco.  On the main street, therearemen who say they are just providing info, but they sell different types of tours - zip lining, sailing, etc.  They ask for a deposit (cash) and claim that they make a reservation for you.  But really they just pocket the money.  Please be careful.

Playas de Cocos can be a tourist trap. You can get approached often walking on the board walk near the beach.

People can approach you as if they already know you and if they can tell you are a tourist, they will ask you to go with them. If you refuse they may yell and fuss, but you would be wise not to go anywhere but to your original destination.

But once she knew spoke English she immediately switched to try to get  to go to somewhere else with her.

Coco beach can also be a tourist trap. And the beach is dirty black sand. Lot's of souveniers for sale.