Selma has a few restaurants worth mentioning that most travelers are unaware of. 

  1. "The Restaurant at Grumbles Alley" located on Water Ave downtown in the old "Warehouse" building.  They have a wide, classy variety and a must-try is the marinated chicken breast sandwich (the bread is wonderful and I would recommend a slice of pepperjack cheese added).  Also their coleslaw and homemade chips are delicious.  Everything they have is great and tasty.  Menu prices are somewhat steep for Selma, but well worth it and your meal portion is huge.  Not your "mom and pop" restaurant that Selma is full of...this is good shtuff!
  2. "The Swamp" located on a slew off the beautiful Alabama river.  #5 Plant Street.  Ask a local how to get here.  it's tricky, but easy and worth it.  Good cooking and an interesting menu including such as frog  legs and the BEST sweet potatoe fries.  The grilled chicken salad is fabulous and their burgers are wonderful too.  There's even parking designated for you 2 wheel riders.  A laid back place with a great view where you can eat inside or outside any time of the year with great food, a full bar and weekly entertainment.
  3. "Mark's Mart" located on Landline Road.  A local's best kept secret indeed.  This is not a restaurant but a truly wonderful little niche with large imported wine selection, local sweets and the BEST prepared food to take and cook yourself.  Don't forget the charcoal for the delicious Mr. Ellis's filets and must-try "chicken swirls".  Also, the stuffed mushrooms and bell peppers are scrumptious.  Of course while you're in there, be sure to pick up some "potter's dip".  There are many other varieties to choose from such as stuffed chops, ka-bobs and more, but Iisted my favorites for you.  This is my favorite lil place to load up and cook for company.  They always come back looking for more.  Located on Landline Road (turns into 219) between Hwy 80 West and 219.  Awesome!