Recreation centers offer many opportunities for the active traveller in Shanghai. The city has many parks, some with a small entry fee, offering great walks and activities like kite flying, dancing, or Tai Chi.  People gather in parks to exercise early in the morning before work, and again around dusk.  Aside from dance, badminton is also popular. 

Bowling is offered in many parts of the city, alleys can be found not only in many Hotels, but also in all districts of the city. 

If you are interested in golf, there is the Shanghai Country Club (Phone: 62758888), and the Binhai Golf Course

Tennis is offered at many hotels in Shanghai, as well as at the Shanghai International Tennis Center.

There are various groups that get together for pickup games of basketball, rugby, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and also for bike tours to areas around the city.  The best way to find up to date contact information is to pick up one of the free magazines, as phone numbers for organizers change.

Several gyms in Shanghai will offer short term or long term memberships, allowing you access to facilities and classes. A listing of clubs in Shanghai is offered at Shanghai-ed.