High end international shopping can be found at many of the malls in Shanghai, in Plaza 66, and in street front boutiques on Nanjing Road as well as on Huai Hai Road.

Along Huai Hai Road shoppers can check out Xiang Yang Market.  Be sure to bargain as much as possible, because prices here are scalable. Be aware that sellers here are quite aggressive, and you will be haggled walking through the market. Also, keep an eye on your belongings while walking around here.

Another great place for bargain prices that sees a lot less foreigners is the Qi Pu Road Qi Pu clothing market.  This area is found near Nanjing Road West. 

Another great shopping mall where you can negotiate for prices is Shanghai Taobaocity Feng Xiang Dress Gift Market at 580 West Nanjing Road.  Between the stations West Nanjing Road and Peoples Square Station on the green Line 2 Metro.  It is a multilevel shopping building where one can find all kinds of small booth stores selling collectibles, jewelry, sports attire, shoes, bags, purses and more than one can imagine.    

Huai Hai Road also has several mall areas, including Parkson (Bai Shen).  From here you can walk up and down the street to store after store. Heading north from Parkson at the intersection with Huai Hai Road is an area with lots of shoe retailers. 

Pudong's Lu Jia Zui area has the Super Brand Mall, found across from the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.  This mall features many stores ranging in prices, and excellent selection of restaurants, a great food court, an arcade, a movie theater, and the Lotus Supermarket in the basement.

Xu Jia Hui is another fantastic spot for shopping.  This is a stop heading south from downtown on the Number 1 subway line.  When you leave the train, it is possible to get lost in the underground labrynth of shopping before reaching the ground level, and it is well worth taking a walk around.  Once above ground, there are 5 giant shopping centers in this area with a little bit of everything, and in front of the Microsoft office there is Mei Luo Cheng, the biggest computer and electronics shopping center in Shanghai.

Although all tourists more or less know they should visit Xintiandi and Taikang Lu, there are a few areas that are worth visiting that are less talked about. Xintiandi is highly commercialized and houses over priced tourist souvenirs. The shopping complex next to it offers designer items that are over priced (luxury import tax) and available at home. Taikang Lu is much more charming and requires a good hour to roam, many of the boutiques and photography shops offer charming and affordable items. For photography many of the shops offer the same artwork, so be sure to check the prices, shop around they can vary in price by ~15 USD for larger prints.

Ferguson Lane (376 Wukang Lu near Hunan Lu) is a small lane area with a coffee shop (Coffee Tree), wine shop (Globus), designer shoes (Mary Ching), French restaurant (Franck), spa (Shui Urban Spa) and European boutique (Dutch Items Shanghai). Dutch Items Shanghai offers items designed by Dutch designer Jolie van Beek as well as a selection of imported clothing and shoes. You can expect affordable European styled and sized items. Items are basic with fashionable details, so they will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. It’s a great souvenir for your trip to since the label is exclusively sold in Shanghai.