Xintiandi or translated as New Heaven and Earth is a high-end shopping and dining area in Shanghai, spread out over a few streets in the area with cafes and Chinese restaurants. There's even a Cold Stone Cremery. There are also a few bars around and the outlets are all very classy and well decorated. 

Xin Tian Di is one of the nicest aereas to go at night. Don't miss the brasilian barbeque restaurant. After dinner, have a nice drink an on of the bars around. Just do not get there too late because the palces get crowded.

This is definitely where the Caucasian people go. It has a very European atmosphere with outdoor cafes and bars and music playing, etc. There are many, many restaurants and bars and some very nice shops. Lots of people strolling through the area so it gets very crowded. Beware, when it's time to go home there is a VERY long line-up to get a taxi. The taxis keep coming and the line moves but it takes a while because there are so many people.