On People's Square, Royal Custom Tailor, conveniently located on the first floor of the Radisson Blu New World Hotel, you can have hand made men's suits and shirts ready within 48 hours as well as clothing for women .  Having been a client for over 5 years, the quality of the suits, jackets and shirts have retained their fine appearance over the years.

All work is performed by Rayman Ye, who is experienced and precise in addition to being very personable and fluent in English.  He offers a wide selection of fabrics from lower cost Chinese materials to the finest Italian silk, cashmere and wool blends.  Rayman takes a personal interest in finding the right styles and material for you and his prices are very reasonable.  Handmade, made-to-measure shirts are in the 300RMB ($50) range depending on the material.  You have a wide range of collar and cuff styles to choose from and the workmanship is first class. 88 Nanging Road (W) 86-21-63277057  rayman-r.t@hotmail.com

Next door to the Radisson is the New World Department Store, which is both calmer and more customer friendly than many of the frenetic stores along the Nanjing Road.  Although few sales people speak English, the goods range from high-end fashions to a vast array of mens' and women's apparel with frequent sales offering great bargains fo those patient enough to explore the nooks and crannies on its seven floors. 

Finally, strolling from People's Square down Nanjing Road toward the Bund offers a bewildering assortment of store, shops and vendors.  The night scene is a noisy and lively happening every night.