There is a big art museum where was formerly used as part of exhibition halls during EXPO 2010 in Shanghai and before EXPO it was a factory area, near Guo Huo Road and Zhong Shan Nan Er Road where you could arrive there by Pearl line No.4 at Nan Pu Da Qiao(Nan Pu grand bridge) station. From exit No.2 from Nan Pu Da Qiao(Nan Pu grand bridge) station, it takes people around 15 minutes to walk to the destination place(that is)Shanghai Dang Dai Yi Shu Bo Wu Guan by going ahead as well as going through approximately 2 intersections of roads then turn left where the chimney sized temperature meter as the symbol of this art museum on No.200,Hua Yuan Gang Road probably could be easily detected. Though it was also the first time writer has been there with parent with the free of charge entrance tickets that unqualified writer reserved on the website as the policy for benefiting every civilian for National Holidays made by Shanghai government under the central government of P.R.China, it leaves writer the impression as if that writer of this article were in some part of exhibition area nearby Exhibition Hall on Long Yang road, Pu Dong district due to the way of construction could be found similarity between here and there on Long Yang Road.

This art museum(that is)Shanghai Dang Dai Yi Shu Bo Wu Guan is divided by several layers with different functions and from the floor of ground level where writer could find cafe section and on the top layer or story where as I was informed yesterday is also leisure corner such as restaurant and etc. 

What leaves writer the most impressive things there is the structure of that space in terms of layout because writer could find multiple ways of entry or exist to different functional spaces at different stories and probably I might get lost after visiting certain sector of exhibition space but you could immediately find out that you are now walking along the round like tracks... and the massive flights on the ground the hall on the left could be very attractive, in writer' eyes because from that it could make writer remind of the similar beautiful elements from formerly named as Friendship Exhibition Hall On Nan Jin Xi Road.The sunlight could be modestly spread on the flights and cast its shadows appropriately on the edges,probably it might be the part of section where the electricity supply would be not necessarily applied and visitors could easily and comfortably go up and downs with natural light there.  writer likes spiral flight and it reminds writer a lot of that elements.  The electrical elevators for public using could also be available near the centre of the hall there but I'd rather climb on the second story by feet.

I think the original site of this art museum that is Shanghai Dang Dai Yi Shu Bo Wu Guan was factory for manufacturing heavy machinery because you could see the flying crane still remain on the top. The structural pillars there are also impressive however it seems that the structural pillars would divide its area into several micro-fuctional spaces where writer could see a christmas like tree like ornament(s) erect in the middle with incandescent lamps in white color spreading from the top to the bottom and it could be easily molten into the whole design style in writer personal opinion, cold color design because writer could see the basic tones there white and grey. 

The toilet facilities there are adequate though what a pity, there is no natural call for writer to go to toilet even god call for writer to go to bath room however from writer parent's facial expression after they went to toilet, writer thinks the toilet there could cater towards many people's requirements,maybe including god(hope god could overcome natural call than normal human beings!!)

I find cinema there on the around 3rd story and it is amiable with a big space or platform in front of the screen where teenages,adults,children could play game together.The seats on the top,maybe are best seats for watching entertainment but whether the toilet facility was available there remains myth for writer there!

There is another space where you could overlook the Huang Pu River inside this exhibition hall with its massive glass windows on the external structure, you could not only enjoy the sunlight but also a good place for overlooking the river and the Nan Pu Grand Bridge(Nan Pu Da Qiao)with its tilt stainless ropes being installed on both sides of this bridge like a harp.

The exhibition there is far as writer saw yesterday on October 3rd,2012 where you could find everything related to art in life even behavior art and it is no doubt politics could also represent itself by its own style of art like art, history relics, even architecture!

That could be Power Station Of Art!