Line 2 (green color) goes from Shanghai Pudong Airport (IATA:PVG, ICAO:ZSPD) to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (IATA;SHA, ICAO: ZSSS) and Train Station (a 95 minutes ride) through all Shanghai city. Very good option for savers that don't mind experience the crowds. Here you can find english metro map and metro station search.

Important notice:

The Guanglan Road stop is a transfer stop, changing between four-car and eight-car subway trains. Passengers who need to transfer and continue their journey should exit here. (The trains traveling from the Pudong International Airport station to Guanglan Road station have four cars; trains from the Guanglan Road station to East Xujing station have 8 cars).


From airport to downtown during day fee (starting at 6.00 am) should cost around 200rmb. And should take about an hour, do give more time for peak hour travel.  But if you take a night fare from downtown can cost up to 300rmb.


There are several busses departing from different points of Shanghai to the airport, is a very convenient option if you have a close by stop. The best middle range option a bit slower than the taxi but quicket than the metro.


Is a nice alternative if you would like to enjoy a 300 h/speed during some minutes, if it is your first time is a nice ride. But if you are a frequent traveler, I am not so sure about if it is so useful, since departs quite far away from downtown and you have to take a cab anyway.

Airport Wifi

Its free, but you need to subscribe with a phone no. Managed to sign in, but had problems surfing. Gave up and used a Boingo account, which worked great. 


You may back away from the gate on time, but you also may wai for 40mins on the apron. Frequent travelers say this is quite common.