Shanghai Walking Tour tips: see the real city

While Nanjing and Huaihai are the two main streets most visitors experience, and they are truly fun to walk along, they should not be the end of your walking adventures, but the starting points.  Turn to the side streets for the real taste of local life in Shanghai.  They are full of life lived in the open, wonderful experiences waiting for you to discover, and it is so easy -- just a block or two away from those two main roads!

Get curious and seek the local life and you will find sidewalks bustling with activities, shopfronts everywhere, low prices for clothing, mopeds, bicycles, push-carts, and pedestrians everywhere.  Head into the little residential alleys, the "lilongs" to see how the people live -- they are cooking, hanging clothes, brushing teeth, chatting with neighbors, all out in the open.  It is a riot of color, sound, smell, and humanitry on display...something  bottled up and locked away in  Western culture.

For example, in the French Concession just a few blocks south of Huaihai you will find streets like Ji'an and Jinan, and even the touristic Antique Strreet of Dongtai.  They are great fun, and part of a grid of streets around them you can explore at your own pace -- just follow your nose, turn where it looks apealing, and go for it.

Aa bunch of videos shot in June, 2010 about these streets is now available that will give you a good feeling for the adventure, which you can find on this web site:

You will also find many videos about EXPO 2010 on the same page.  The home page has the overal index:

Go for it!!