The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one the highest tower in China and it is a must-see when somebody travels to Shanghai for the first time.

Normally, travelers will go to the largest ball of the tower which is over 250 meters high to overlook the whole Shanghai. A sightseeing platform, which is made of translucent glass, has been set up in the ball. Travelers can overlook the city of Shanghai when standing on the platform. Some travelers may be scared by the height of the platform and dare not walk on it, however, It absolutely safe enough.

The Shanghai City Museum at the bottom of the tower is also worth to pay a visit. Travelers can see both the daily life of Shanghai people over a thousand years ago and how Shanghai People living their lives nowadays.

Besides, the entrance fee is only 135 RMB (nearly 20 U.S Dollars) if travelers want to visit both the largest and the museum.