Orange Beach is on a rather remote part of the Alabama coast, so driving here from any major city will take a while. If you are up for a road trip, the town is about 3 hours from New Orleans, 4 from Baton Rouge and 6 from Atlanta. Interstate 10 (which goes along the southern boundary of the country from Santa Monica, California to Jacksonville, Florida) runs through the nearby cities of Mobile and Pensacola, but you will have to take local roads to get to Orange Beach.

Mobile and Pensacola, are located in opposite directions, each only about 50 miles from Orange Beach. These are probably the closest places to fly into, though not necessarily the most convenient for visitors from farther parts of the country, as both airports are regional. Mobile Regional Airport is served by five airlines (American, Continental, Delta, Northwest and US Airways) operating 40-50 flights a day. Destinations include a few major cities in the South such as Dallas, Atlanta, and Charlotte (North Carolina). The Pensacola Regional Airport has the same airlines (as well as AirTran) with flights to a few more cities around the southeastern United States (notably Chicago, Tampa, and Cincinnati). There is also a regional Jack Edwards Airport in Gulf Shores, but this has very limited service.

Visitors can also sail into the wharf at Orange Beach via the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Coast Intra Coastal Waterway or the Tennessee Tom Big Bee Waterway. However, this is not recommended unless you are pretty adept at sailing, as the Perdido Pass can be a bit tricky. If you choose to arrive by boat, make sure to reserve docking space well in advance, as they fill up very quickly during the summer.