Melaka does not have an monorail or tram service. Your best bet will be a taxi, bus, or trishaw (be advised trishaw routes are quite limited)

Melaka Sentral is the state bus station. This is where you will arrive if you're coming from out of state. It's also a transportation hub. You'll find public buses and taxis here. All buses stop in Melaka Sentral as their last stop.

In Melaka, the taxi services are also advisable. You can take the taxi from the Melaka Sentral, and the price is around RM20+ to Melaka Red House during daytime. Metered taxis are the norm, and haggling is prohibited in all metered taxis. However, if your driver does not turn on the meter immediately, insist on his doing so. RM15- RM20 should be enough to bring you around town unless you're going somewhere far (more than 20 km). The taxi from Melaka Sentral bus station to Jonker Walk is around RM12 at 7pm.

The trishaw  (rickshaw) system is mostly used by tourists around the historical tourist spots in town. In no way is it dependable for effiecient transportation or fast travel. Obviously, the trishaw is the most expensive means of transportation in Melaka. But it's a good experience if you want to try it out for fun. For the price will be MYR 45+ per hour per trishaw. Here, haggling is advised.

The Panorama Buses (public buses) are reasonably cheap. Since 2013, all the old buses were put off the road and replaced with new automated buses equipped with good seating and air conditioning. The public bus system also underwent major revamps, with all routes taken over by the state subsidiary Panorama Buses. Beginning 2014, the red buses will be replaced by new green electric buses which are expected to reduce pollution and increase efficiency. Since most people just use these for short distance travel, there are no passes / 1-day etc.  You pay per ride. On the official website you'll find the comprehensive list of bus routes as well as other useful information. For any other information, just call this number +606-2826466

Melaka is slowly reducing its sleeping hours. Most shops close at 8 with malls staying open up til 11 pm on weekends. There's always food to be found, with some restaurants opening only at 1 AM. 24/7 McDonalds are everywhere, and if you're staying in the tourist part of the city, the weekends are the most colorful.